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ALA Midwinter January 2002  New Orleans

Notes from Frieda Rosenberg

This was the second informal "workshop" held at ALA to enable discussion of publication pattern creation and the inherent problems. Further sessions will include updates of the CONSER Publication Pattern Initiative, MARBI proposals and discussion papers, followed by questions and problems relating to patterns. During the last part of the workshop participants will gather by system to discuss issues related to MFHD and patterns.  The workshops are open to anyone attending ALA.

Below are the specific problems presented and responses.

Examples of simple patterns presented by Jean Hirons

Quarterly, v. 1, no. 1 Jan-Mar. 2002

853  __   $8 1  $a v. $b no. $u 4 $v r    $i (year) $j (month/month)  $w q $x 01

863         $8 1.1 $a  1  $b 1  $i 2002 $j Jan./Mar.

Monthly, July Aug. issue combined, v. 1, no. 1 Jan. 2002

853  __   $8 1  $a v. $b no. $u 11 $v r    $i (year) $j (month/month)  $w q $x 01 $c 07/08

863         $8 1.1   $a  1 $b 1 $I 2002  $j Jan.

Michigan State University (Wen-ying Lu):  

1.   Combined issues:

caption: no./no. or no. or depending on what the system can do?

It was pointed out that no./no., unless in ( ), is a displaying caption and would look strange.

Will the system allow you to put a double number after a single caption?  This is a local issue (but this display certainly doesn’t violate Z39.71).

2.  Mis-numbered issues/publication

OCLC #48059681:  Philosophia Africana: analysis of philosophy and issues in Africa and the Black diaspora

310       Semiannual

362 0    Vol. 14, no. 1 (Mar. 2001)-

515       Vol. for Mar. 2001 misnumbered as: v. 4, no. 1.


Record misnumbering as is, with either subfield z or a note in subfield a itself [i.e. ___]

[Afterthought: for compression, you need the correct numbering, not the misprint.  But NISO standard requires it the other way round.]

3.   Frequency changes

Electronic musician (OCLC #12382684) started as a bi-monthly in the middle of a year and became a monthly possibly at the beginning of the next year.  [But you lack issues and cannot be explicit.]

310    Monthly, $b <Jan. 1986>

321   Bimonthly,  $b June 1985-


If not all issues are received and you can’t tell whether they were published, assume what you have is all there is, and create the new 853 after the issues you have.

[Details of a pattern that was dropped before completion of a single volume are unnecessary; 853 $u, $v, and $w should be enough.]

4.  Frequency changes

Revista de la biblioteca nacional José Martí (OCLC #2454556) 

Año 92 / Cuarta época

Número 1-2

  use +4 época? + época 4?

853 20    $a  +4. época :año  $b no. $u 2 $v r $i (year) $j (month) $w f $x 01/06 $y pm01/06,07/12


  853 20    $a + época 4:año ...                          or something else?

Response: Transcribe 4.época, or if abbreviated with superscript, transcribe as found using regular letter in place of superscript.  Since the ordinal is now a part of the caption and invariable for the life of the caption, there is no need of a computer transformation of the ordinal (so no + is necessary).

5. OPAC display issue

With pattern and/or caption changes, multiple pairs of 85X/86X are needed.  If the OPAC display of holdings derives from 85X/86X and if a library uses open-ended holdings statements, it seems odd to have holdings statements like the following.

Monthly --> quarterly


[month] caption dropped


This is a lower level caption and thus leaving it out might be possible without a new 853.  [However, that would have to be tested if the correct issue must be predicted.]  We have tried to be explicit in the Project and would need a new 853 at the point that the lower level caption dropped.

6.  University of Georgia (Beth Jedlicka):   

2001 ed. covers 1999-2000; which do you use?


There was some difference of opinion in the audience, but the consensus was that if the 2001 identifies the issue, you have to use it; otherwise, the coverage date is preferred.  (If using an identifying date, coverage can be given in a $z public note).

7.  LC (Linda Miller):

Publication year 157, two publication months (Jan. and July), 6 volumes each.


This is where one would use the newly approved subfield $p (as of Jan. 2002), which specifies the number of parts to be received with each new issue.  [The question of local accommodation of this situation until $p is implemented cannot be resolved by us!]

   $a pub.year $i (year)  $j (month)  $p 6 $w f  $x 01,07

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