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At the June 2001 meeting of the CONSER Publication Patterns Task Force, one item of discussion was the concept and use of Universal Holdings Data. The meeting minutes stated: "There are a number of issues in looking at the storage of pattern data outside of the bibliographic record, such as examining how union list data interacts with this. With OCLC’s database redesign, however, there is hope for the capability and a need for the task force to provide more detailed advice. It was agreed that we should define the functionality that would be desired of a universal holdings record and that doing this during the next six months is a good timeframe."

Proposed Definition of Universal Holdings Data

A Universal Holdings Data Record includes the complete pattern and published holdings of a particular title. It does not reflect the holdings of a particular library, but does express an "ideal" complete run or set of a particular bibliographic entity.

Complete and reliable Universal Holdings Data will support the following functions

  1. Import of complete holdings when a library purchases:
    • the complete or partial run of a journal or set in microform (a library with a partial run may need to edit data)
    • the complete or partial run of a journal or set in an aggregation available online
  2. Support for programmatic comparison of individual library holdings with complete run for the purpose of creating desiderata lists
  3. Support for provision of fuller aggregation catalog-ready records (to include bibliographic and holdings record for available issues)
  4. Support for union listing activities
  5. Support for microforming and digitization activities
    1. tagged
    2. compressed
    3. itemized
    4. summarized

Diane Hillmann, Ellen Rappaport

August 8, 2001