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The following must be done after an institution becomes a new CONSER member. (Generally, this checklist is only used by the CONSER Coordinator and the CONSER Specialist at the Library of Congress.)

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  Notify representatives at new member institution of their acceptance. With welcome, give basic start-up information: need to schedule training, contact information, entitlement to documentation, CONSRLST logistics, etc.
  Announce acceptance of new member in CONSRLST and PCC policy list.
  Ask new member about need for documentation and access to CEG and CCM. Notify CDS of new member, providing name and address of the person who should receive CEG and CCM updates and editions (usually the operations representative).
  Ask new member about number of LCCN needed (associates usually receive 250-500) Instruct John Levy (AOC, USGEN) to obtain a supply of LCCNs for new member. Determine how those should be delivered (email range of numbers mailed, at training).
  Provide new member information about requesting CONSER OCLC authorizations from OCLC.
  Make arrangements for training with new member, trainer, and others as needed: when, where, travel arrangements, any special needs (e.g. OCLC CJK terminal), etc.
  Notify new member representative of travel and hotel logistics for upcoming meeting if instructions for those are available already.
  Subscribe the new member operations representative to CONSRLST immediately. Add others to CONSRLST on request.
  Add new member representative(s) to any appropriate mailing groups, if any are used beyond CONSRLST.
  Web site update:  Add new operations representative to CONSER Operations Committee table ( Need to know: name, job title, work mailing address, work voice phone number, work email address, work Fax number.
  Web site update:  Add new member institution to Current CONSER Members table ( Need to know: OCLC symbol, NUC (MARC) symbol.

Statistics preparation:  Inform statistics Webmaster that Web statistics form, etc. for new member institution will be needed. Obtain information from new member: OCLC symbol, email address of contact person. Ask new member for an alert in first month there are statistics to submit, so Web statistics form, etc. can be implemented at that time.

Inform NACO statistics coordinator in COIN division about the new member, contact information, membership level, OCLC and NUC symbols.

OCLC member ID number needed for statistics is obtained directly from OCLC by the CONSER Coordinator or CONSER specialist.

  CEG update:  Add new member institution to CONSER Membership Tables in CEG A1.3. Need to know: OCLC symbol, NUC (MARC) symbol.
  Review with designated trainer/reviewer, if necessary, contents and logistics for training and initial review period. Discuss use of the review file in Connexion if review will involve use of it.
  As possible, identify and arrange for any special needs associated with review period, e.g. special instructions for working with non-roman scripts in Connexion, language or other experts expected to be needed for conferrals.

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