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Planning for Multiple 260 Fields

In 2001 field 260 was redefined as repeatable to account for publisher changes over time. RLG and OCLC have not implemented the repeatable 260, but will soon be able to with their new systems. OCLC and RLG asked the PCC to establish a group to develop guidelines for coding the repeatable 260 before implementation. Providing such guidelines in advance will probably also be useful to LC and ILS vendors in the decisions they will need to make in implementing the repeatable 260.

Charge: Recommend policies on recording multiple publishing statements to assure that practices in the utilities and other systems are predictable and standardized. Identify and recommend policies for other implementation issues, for example should repeatable 260s be used for pre-AACR2 records and how should catalogers treat existing records?

Timeline: begin July/August 2005, produce final recommendations by spring 2006.


Guidelines for repeatable 260 to be added to the CONSER Editing Guide [being drafted as of Feb. 2006]

This document will serve as a vehicle for recording policy decisions for CONSER and includes information about serials and integrating resources. It was originally drafted in 2002 and was recently updated for this group to consider. Decisions that pertain to integrating resources will also be documented in the BIBCO Cataloging Manual Appendix A: Integrating Resources.

MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data, 260 Publication, Distribution, etc.

Discussion Paper no. 114 (external link)

Discussion Paper no. 119 (external link)

Proposal 2001-04 (external link)

Stakeholder task group members:

Ed Glazier (RLG)
Robert Bremer (OCLC)
Regina Reynolds (NSDP/ISSN Network)
Cindy Hepfer (U. Buffalo, Electronic Periodicals Management Department, Acquisitions)
Judy Kuhagan (CPSO)
Jane Gillis (Yale, interest from rare serials cataloging viewpoint)
Les Hawkins (Co-chair CONSER Coordinator)
Carolyn Sturtevant (Co-chair BIBCO Coordinator)

Additional task group members to be confirmed:

JSC (per Barbara Tillett's advice, Sally Strutt has been asked if someone from JSC would like to directly participate)

Stakeholder representatives who will review results:

CDS -- Jim Kimball
LC -- Dave Reser
SRD - John Levy
PCC Standard Committee on Standards representative.

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