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Examine LC copy cataloging records to determine the impact of having them in the CONSER database. Consider existing documentation and the need to further describe a standard by which the records are created and understood. Make recommendations about establishing a CONSER wide copy cataloging standard. The work may also identify issues and/or recommendations related to copy cataloging that should be considered or acted on by other programs, committees, or task forces in the PCC.


  • How well do the records identify and provide access to the resource?
  • What needs to be done to document the standard by which they are created?
  • Can a copy-cataloging standard for use by all CONSER members be defined?


Examination of the records may give LC management and CONSER members an idea of how successfully the records provide identification and access to the serials they describe and the impact on the CONSER database. The group may make recommendations about the documentation, the content, and coding of records.

Several ideas have been suggested for providing a CONSER-wide standard for copy cataloging. One idea is to define a new copy cataloging code to be used by all CONSER members and create standards to guide its use. Other ideas include redefining the CONSER database to include a resource level record. The group may make recommendations on whether and how to pursue these ideas.

Timeline: The group will start its work once it is formed and will submit a preliminary report by April 22, 2005, report at the CONSER operations meeting in May 2005. The group will submit its final recommendations by Sept. 16, 2005.


  • Ruth Haas (Harvard)
  • Diane Boehr (NLM, representative of the PCC Standing Committee on Standards)
  • Adolfo R. Tarango (USCD)
  • Sue Fuller (U. Texas)
  • Beth Thornton (U. Georgia)
  • Lucy Barron (LC, Serials Cataloging Section II supervisor)
  • Regina Reynolds (Head, U.S. ISSN Center, LC Serial Record Division)
  • Hien Nguyen (CONSER Specialist, ex officio)
  • Les Hawkins (CONSER Coordinator, chair)

Additional stake-holders and resource people

  • Robert Bremer (OCLC)
  • Ed Glazier (RLG)
  • Paul Weiss (chair, PCC Standing Committee on Standards)

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