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By Frieda Rosenberg
Revisions 2004 by Patricia Hatch
with contributions from John Hostage

Based on the MARC 21 Format for Holdings Data (Concise version)


0. Definitions of terms used in the project

1. Scope of the project

2. Considerations for record building and maintenance

3. General policies

4. General procedures

5. Instructions for using 891 to record captions and pattern data(85X)

6. Instructions for using 891 to record enumeration and chronology data (86X)

7. Maintenance of other data in the bibliographic record


A. Abbreviations for Captions
B. Abbreviations for Names of Months
C. The Harvard Load
D. Sample Records With Publication Patterns Added

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rev., dih 2/27/01

Correction history:
8/22/01, Corrected sections 6.2.3- to reflect changes and additions made to documents

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