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The six categories of CONSER membership are Full, Associate, CONSER Enhance, Affiliate, Funnel, and Expedited PCC Institutional Membership. For a description of the levels and requirements of membership, see CONSER Program Membership Information.

Before filling out the application, interested applicants should contact the CONSER Coordinator, Cooperative and Instructional Program Division, Library of Congress, 101 Independence Ave. SE, Washington, DC 20540-4231. Preliminary inquiries can be made by emailing [email protected] to discuss the process, benefits of membership, and appropriate membership level.

Prerequisites for CONSER Membership. CONSER membership is open to institutions that prior to CONSER training are:

  • Active, independent NACO contributors  
  • Proficient in using RDA and LC-PCC Policy Statements for new cataloging
  • Familiar with and have access to CONSER documentation
  • Proficient in applying standardized schemes for subject analysis and classification
  • Routinely contributing cataloging to the OCLC database

The evaluation of membership applications is based on the following:

  • Strength of the collection and scope of expected subject/language contributions as indicated in the accompanying application (Full membership)
  • Scope of expected subject/language/format contributions as indicated in the accompanying application (Associate membership)
  • Scope and type of expected enhancement activity as indicated in the application (CONSER Enhance membership)
  • Scope and type of bibliographic data enhanced or maintained as indicated in application (Affiliate membership)
  • Quality of contributions based on a sample of bibliographic records (all categories)
  • Experience and strength of serials cataloging operation (all categories except Affiliate)

Following are forms to be used by institutions wishing to participate in the CONSER Program at the Full, Associate, Affiliate and CONSER Enhance levels. Files in Word for each of the application forms can be downloaded, completed, and sent via regular mail, email, or fax to the addresses or fax number given in the forms.

CONSER Funnel membership and Expedited PCC Institutional Membership are discussed on a case by case basis. For Expedited PCC Institutional Membership please see: Guidelines [Word 42 KB; 2 p.] Contact:

CONSER Coordinator
Cooperative and Instructional Programs Division
Library of Congress
101 Independence Ave., S.E.
Washington DC 20540-4231
email: [email protected]
fax: (202) 707-0810

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