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The primary product of the CONSER Program is the presence in the OCLC database of the records created, edited, and authenticated by CONSER members. In addition, the records are available electronically on tape or via FTP, and in some publications:

Selected records are also printed in the following publications:

  • United States Newspaper Program National Union List, which has records for newspapers and is available on microfiche from OCLC
  • New Serial Titles, which ceased publication in 1999, but contained in a printed catalog all the CONSER records created between 1971 and 1999, with the exception of those produced through the United States Newspaper Program


CONSER cataloging is supported by two publications produced in LC's Serial Record Division and distributed by LC: the CONSER Editing Guide and the CONSER Cataloging Manual. The CONSER Web site includes excerpts from these publications and the CONSER newsletter (CONSERline). Supplemental information about the program, its membership and committees, and external online resources can also be accessed via the CONSER home page.

  • The CONSER Editing Guide contains policies, procedures, and a history of the program in Part I. Part II is a field-by-field guide to the USMARC formats as applied in CONSER records. Free downloads of updates to the CONSER Editing Guide are available from the Cataloging Distribution Service.
  • The CONSER Cataloging Manual is a guide to serials cataloging, both original and adapted from OCLC copy. It also includes sections on cataloging of specific types of serials, such as CD-ROMs, microforms, online serials, newspapers, and legal serials. Free downloads of updates to the CONSER Cataloging Manual are available from the Cataloging Distribution Service.
  • CONSERline, the program newsletter, includes news and recent events about the program.
  • The Serials Cataloging Cooperative Training Program provides authoritative training materials that are used for workshops and individual instruction.

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