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CONSER is the Cooperative Serials Program of the PCC, an authoritative source for bibliographic records, documentation, and training materials for serials cataloging. CONSER members work together in an atmosphere of collegiality and trust to promulgate standards related to serials and are a voice for serials in the library community.

The primary product of the CONSER Program is the presence in the OCLC database of the records created, edited, and authenticated by CONSER members. In addition, the records are available electronically on tape or via FTP from the MARC Distribution Services databases distributed by LC's Cataloging Distribution Service (CDS).

CONSER cataloging standards and practice can be found in the freely available CONSER Cataloging Manual (CCM) and CONSER Editing Guide (CEG) . Both the CCM and the CEG and other PCC and LC documentation are also availbe by subscription to Classification Web Plus.