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The BIBCO Coordinator appoints members to the BIBCO Operations Committee (OpCo) for rotating three-year terms. OpCo reflects the types and geographic distribution of partner institutions. Candidates generally serve as BIBCO contacts in their home institutions.

These aspects guide the choice of candidates:

  • Availability and support from home institution
  • Familiarity with operational level of cataloging
  • Healthy record contributions
  • Provision of informative narratives for the BIBCO Annual Report
  • Participation in BIBCO discussions, online and face-to-face
  • Range of experience among OpCo reps, to include veterans and new faces

Note: If the individual appointed to the OpCo is unable to serve out the term; the institution may provide a substitute to serve out the term. Otherwise, the BIBCO Coordinator may appoint a substitute from another institution to serve out the term.

Go to PCC Governance Document for information on responsibilities and term lengths of Operations Committee Members.