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BIBCO is the bibliographic record component program of the PCC. Participants create cataloging records using mutually agreed upon standards. The hallmark of the BIBCO record is that authorized headings support those access points which call for established forms.

BIBCO membership is open to institutions who prior to BIBCO training:

  • Are active, independent NACO contributors
  • Are proficient in following descriptive instructions, procedures, and guidelines contained in the RDA, LC-PCC Policy Statements, MARC 21 Bibliographic Format and the MARC 21 Authority Format
  • Are proficient in applying established subject and classification systems (i.e. LCSH, MeSH, LCC, etc., and their supporting documentation)
  • Have access to the online bibliographic and authority files, including the Library of Congress name and subject authority files

The two categories of BIBCO membership are Full (see BIBCO Program Parameters) and Funnel. Inquiries concerning BIBCO eligibility and membership categories are encouraged prior to submission of BIBCO application form by email to [email protected].

There are no membership fees to join the BIBCO Program.

Once accepted, new BIBCO members agree to:

  • Name a BIBCO Contact to coordinate local program activities and to communicate with the BIBCO Coordinator at LC and other BIBCO Contacts directly and through the BIBCO and the PCC listservs
  • Undergo a BIBCO Standard Record orientation/training session, either online or at the local institution.  If an instructor travels to conduct BIBCO training onsite, the institution receiving training covers the travel and accommodation costs
  • Submit records for review after training until independent BIBCO status is reached
  • Support the possible service of attendance of BIBCO representatives to the PCC Operations Committee meeting (OpCo). OpCo meets annually for a Thursday/Friday in the spring in Washington, DC. For more information, see:

Please note: OCLC members must obtain National Level Enhance authorizations from OCLC in order to contribute BIBCO records to WorldCat.