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Before filling in application please read the BIBCO FAQ and Parameters document or send an email to

1. Name of institution:
2. Address:

3. MARC 21 identification code:
Provide MARC 21 codes and names of other campus libraries/units that will also contribute BIBCO records if different from above:
4. Utility symbol (if different from MARC id.)
5. Local system/vendor:
6. Type of membership (select one from the drop down menu):

Please provide the name of the funnel, if known

7. Estimated total number of bibliographic records to be contributed to BIBCO (required minimum is 100 records a year):
8. Please provide an estimate of type, formats, and languages to be contributed: % Full % Core % Monographs % Non-book formats
% English % CJK % Eastern European % Western European
%Other (please explain):

9. Which is the primary bibliographic utility to which contributions will be made available for use by PCC and other libraries:

Other (please explain):

10. Does your institution also load records to another utility: yes no
11. Does your institution have the capability to export and import MARC bibliographic records to or from the local system via FTP:
Export: yes no
Import: yes no
12. Number of staff to be trained:
13. Proposed dates of training by order of preferrence:

14. General comments on user community, collection strengths, particular area(s) of expertise, etc.

Name of Library Director:
Mailing Address:

Tel.: Fax: e-mail:

Name of Administrator (i.e., Head of Tech. Svcs., or Head of Cataloging)
Mailing Address:

Tel.: Fax: e-mail:

Name of BIBCO contact (person responsible for day-to-day operation of NACO, review of headings, etc.)

Mailing Address:

Tel.: Fax: e-mail: