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January 5, 2008

Dear colleagues and friends:

I apologize for not being able to join you for this Midwinter's SACO-at-Large meeting. My prior commitment as a member of the CCS Executive Committee means that I will have to miss both this meeting, and probably the meeting at Annual in Anaheim as well. I look forward to joining SACO-at-Large during Midwinter in 2009.

It was a great honor to be elected as the first SACO representative to the PCC Policy Committee, and let me offer my thanks once again for your support. My attendance at the PoCo meeting last fall in Washington was my first exposure to what one might call the "inner workings" of the PCC, and as I listened to the presentations, I considered what a SACO perspective on the different issues might be. I'm now working on a report to be published on the SACO web site, but I'll briefly mention the issues which seemed to have the greatest pertinence to SACO. Chief among these was the discussion, led by Steve Shadle of the University of Washington, about the potential for expanded "network-level cataloging" capabilities, particularly on OCLC. Although this discussion was set in the context of experiments with WorldCat Local, the matter has broader relevance. The many of us who, in working with cataloging copy, have added new subject headings or classification numbers, or sharpened the focus of existing headings, in service to the needs of our local populations, would likely appreciate the ability to share that work to a greater extent. In this light, the ALCTS Forum to be held on Monday from 10:30-noon, on the topic of "WorldCat Local and Network Level Cataloging", should be of great interest. Among the other topics of SACO interest in Washington were Les Hawkins' report on an experiment in individual CONSER member certification, which might have implications for SACO although the program structures are quite different, and updates from the Catalogers Learning Workshop Editorial Team and the report of the PCC Standing Committee on Training.

Let's work together to capitalize on the opportunity presented by having a SACO representative on the Policy Committee. Please contact me with concerns you have related to the SACO program, and we can explore whether they could be discussed with PoCo, or in some other context. I have one concern that I'd like to share with you as well. As I write this, the final report of the LC Working Group on the Future of Bibliographic Control is in preparation. In the Working Group's draft report, Section 4.3, titled "Optimize LCSH for Use and Reuse," presents a number of recommendations concerned with the structure, terminology, and application of LCSH. I'm very much interested in your thoughts in response to the analogous section in the Working Group's final report, particularly in terms of the development of SACO. My email address is easy to remember: [email protected]

Thanks again, and I look forward to seeing you here at Midwinter, and being in touch afterwards.

Best wishes,

David Miller
Levin Library, Curry College
Milton, Mass.

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