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Browsing the LC shelflist on the ILS Online Catalog


With the installation LC's ILS, PCC libraries and other users are now able browse LC's "shelflist" online by searching indexes based on LC classification numbers assigned to bibliographic records in the LC Database. Below are instructions for accessing the LC Online Catalog via the Web in order to browse LC's shelflist.

NACO libraries may use LC's online shelflist via the Web for purposes of formulating a LC classification number request for inclusion in an 053 of a name authority record. BIBCO libraries may browse the online shelflist to assist in assigning an LC Classification number to bibliographic records they create or update. Below are instructions for searching:

After accessing the LC Online Catalog

  • Click on the COMMAND search key
  • Type in the index code 05XX and then the classification number to be searched followed by a question mark (truncation mark):
    • Example:: 05XX PQ8180?

For a more specific search put the classification number to be searched in quotes:

  • Example: 05XX "PQ8180.13?"

In order to search for works entered under uniform titles use the index code 05UT preceding the class number. It will provide a display which includes the uniform title.

  • Example: 05UT PQ6329?

Dewey numbers (082s on bibliographic records) may also be searched in this manner by using the 0820 index code

  • Example: 0820 "700/.9/04?"

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