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Diacritics list for use with PCC web forms

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Copy the term to include the parentheses and paste preceding the affected letter in the appropriate web form (e.g., M(acute)exico)

(AE) dipgraph uppercase
(ae) dipgraph lowercase
angstrom, See (circle above)
(circle above)
(circle below)
(comma center) high comma, centered
(comma off)
(dot above)
(dot below)
(dot center)
(double acute)
(double dot below)
(double tilde 1) first half of double tilde
(double tilde 2) second half of double tilde
(double underscore)
(Eth) eth uppercase
(flat) musical flat
high comma, off-center See (comma off)
inverted cedilla See (right cedilla)
(left hook)
(left ligature)
(miagkii znak)
(O hook)
(o hook)
(OE) dipgraph uppercase
(oe) dipgraph lowercase
(plus or minus) plus or minus sign
(pound) British pound symbol
(pseudo question) pseudo question mark
(slash D) D with crossbar uppercase
(slash d) d with crossbar lowercase
(slash L) Polish L uppercase
(slash l) Polish l lowercase
(slash O) Scandinavian O uppercase
(slash o) Scandinavian o lowercase
(sub 0) subscript zero
(sub 1) subscript one
(sub 2) subscript two
(sub 3) subscript three
(sub 4) subscript four
(sub 5) subscript five
(sub 6) subscript six
(sub 7) subscript seven
(sub 8) subscript eight
(sub 9) subscript nine
(sub left paren) subscript left parenthesis
(sub minus) subscript minus sign
(sub plus) subscript plus sign
(sub right paren) subscript right parenthesis
superior dot See (dot above)
(sup 0) superscript zero
(sup 1) superscript one
(sup 2) superscript two
(sup 3) superscript three
(sup 4) superscript four
(sup 5) superscript five
(sup 6) superscript six
(sup 7) superscript seven
(sup 8) superscript eight
(sup 9) superscript nine
(sup left paren) superscript left parenthesis
(sup minus) superscript minus sign
(sup plus) superscript plus sign
(sup right paren) superscript right parenthesis
(right cedilla)
(right hook)
(right ligature)
(Thorn) uppercase Thorn
(thorn) lowercase thorn
(tvyerdi znak)
(U hook)
(u hook)
(underscore) underscore, non-spacing
(undotted i) Turkish i

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