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The Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) is one of two cooperative cataloging ventures. The PCC is an international cooperative effort aimed at expanding access to library collections by providing useful, timely, and cost-effective cataloging that meets mutually-accepted standards of libraries around the world.
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PCC programs include:

Monographic Bibliographic Record Cooperative Program (BIBCO)
Members contribute high quality bibliographic records that conform to approved standards.

Cooperative Online Serials Program (CONSER)
Members create high quality bibliographic records for serials and integrating resources that conform to approved standards.

Name Authority Cooperative Program (NACO)
Members input authority records for personal, corporate, and jurisdictional names; uniform titles; and series headings to the LC/NACO Authority File.

Subject Authority Cooperative Program (SACO)
Members propose LCSH subject headings and LCC classification numbers to the Library of Congress.

What's New, Decisions, Policies, and Guidelines

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PCC Training

  • In support of its mission and goals, the Program for Cooperative Cataloging conducts specialized training and mentoring for participants and non-members in a freely-available online format, as well as in conjunction with professional meetings and conferences. The Cataloger's Learning Workshop (CLW) page is the PCC's training portal. It includes a wealth of training materials in all formats for all members of the library community.
  • Links to PCC RDA training material on the CLW site and links to LC supplemental RDA training material are available from: RDA Training
  • PCC Instructor Report Form is provided for instructors who conduct training on behalf of the PCC.  Please fill out the form to report each separate training event you have conducted during the current fiscal year (e.g., October 1, 2015 - September 30, 2016).  The PCC Secretariat uses the information gathered from the report form to capture PCC training statistics.  Instructors may request Certificate of Appreciation by filling out the report form.  Note: please do not use the report form for training conducted within your institution.

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PCC members participate in programs that shape the future of cataloging and reduce the costs of cataloging for everyone.

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Upcoming Meetings and Events

May 2016

PCC Operations Committee Meeting (OpCo)

May 5-6, 2016
Library of Congress
James Madison Memorial Building
Washington, DC

Agenda [Word; 55 KB]

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PCC Reports

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PCC Organization & Governance

The Program for Cooperative Cataloging seeks to be a democratic and diverse organization whose mission and goals are determined by its membership. Members govern the programs through participation in program events, standing committees, and task groups.

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PCC members keep up online with the latest program information on training, standards, and policies